Belocrkvanska Jezera

Not far from Bela Crkva, in the southeastern part of Vojvodina, in the Banat district, there are 7 artificial lakes, including the Glavno, Vračevgajsko, Šaransko and Šljunkara. These were formed by the excavation of gravel from the former bed of the Pannonian Sea. The pebbly and sandy shores give the lake waters beautifully clear. The lakes and their surroundings are ideal for leisure and daytrips.

They are teeming with fish (such as grass carp, perch, carp and catfish), presenting a real treat for anglers. The best known lake is the Glavno or Gradsko Jezero, which has a waterpolo area, diving boards, showers and a campsite. The beach is partially paved, but all the other lakes have completely natural beaches. This lake is a venue for summer swimming, diving and sailing schools. An important asset is the pure, clear water, rarely to be found elsewhere. Besides the lakes, bathing is also possible on the rivers Nera and Karaš, with the waters of the Danube and the Danube-Tisa-Danube canal rounding off the experience in this unique natural environment.