Rivers and lakes

Serbia’s rivers belong to the drainage basins of the Black, Adriatic and Aegean seas. Three rivers are fully navigable in Serbia: the Danube, Sava and Tisa. The Velika Morava and Tamiš rivers are partly navigable. The longest river to flow through Serbia is the Danube, 588 km of its total 2783 km-long course, and over 90% of the river basin is occupied by this river.

The largest lake in Serbia is the artificial reservoir on the Danube, the Đerdapsko Jezero lake, with an area of 253 km2, followed by Vlasinsko Jezero at 16 km2 and Perućačko Jezero at 12.4 km2. Particularly attractive for tourism are Ludaško Jezero, Palićko Jezero, Srebrno Jezero and the Belocrkvanska Jezera lakes.