Kovilj-Petrovaradin Marshes

Located in the southeastern part of the Bačka district. They extend along the left and right banks of the alluvial plains of the central portion of the Danube as it flows through Serbia, 20 km long, downriver from Novi Sad and past the towns of Kovilj and the Novi Sad suburb of Petrovaradin, after which they are named.

Besides the Apatin marshes, the Kovilj-Petrovaradin marshes are all that remains of the vast, thick, lush, almost impenetrable marshes that once existed.

The primary features that make this region especially valuable from a natural point of view are:

  • the diverse and preserved original marshland water and land features such as islands, river-islands, backwaters, meanders and oxbow lakes
  • the abundant, preserved original marshland plant communities (marsh woodlands intersected by ponds, swamps, meadows and reed beds).
  • a rich and varied fauna, especially wetland birds (170 species of bird) and fish (46 recorded species, with pike, carp and sterlet naturally spawning here).

Tree species represented here are woodlands of willow (almond-leaved and crack willows) and poplar (white and black), growing as water conditions permit. Esepcially valuable are rare and endangered plant species such as European white waterlily and yellow waterlily, pale gentian, water violet, water chestnut, four leaf clover and lax-flowered orchid.

The woods harbour rare and declining animal species such as the White-tailed Eagle, wildcat and otter.


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