Lepterija – Sokograd

The Lepterija – Sokograd region is in eastern Serbia, close to the town of Sokobanja. It includes the Moravice river gorge, the Lepterija beauty spot and the mediaeval fortress of Sokograd.

The Moravica river is a tributary of the Južna Morava and its gorge is carved into the northern foot of the Devica mountain. It is 3 km long and characterised by a winding course, with frequent rocky slopes that occasionally resemble canyons. The river Moravica itself features numerous small waterfalls, rapids and eddies.

On the most prominent limestone spur stands the Sokograd mediaeval fortress. Not far from it are the remains of a small mediaeval church.

The gorge is covered in barely penetrable woods and thickets of oriental hornbeam and Italian, Turkish and Sessile oaks. It is inhabited by a great many animal species, including the Italian crested newt, the southern white-breasted hedgehog, the common dormouse, the least weasel, the White Stork, the Eurasian Hobby, the Long-eared Owl, the Hoopoe, Great Spotted Woodpecker and others.


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