Trešnjica river gorge

The clear mountain river Trešnjica surfaces under the mountain of Povlen in the western region of Serbia and flows for 23 km before joining the Drina river close to Ljubovije.

Not far from where it flows into the Drina, the Trešnjica has carved out a limestone gorge several kilometers long. Some 500 m in depth, with sheer walls, the gorge at times takes on the appearance of a canyon, especially around the point where the Tribuća flows into the Trešnjica. Here the valley walls draw close together and are arrayed with limestone slopes which towards the top of the walls end in toothlike ridges.

Particularly impressive is the limestone slope on the hill of Boškovac. The entire gorge abounds in scree slopes, openings, rock-shelters and rocks of varying shapes.

Most of the reserve is covered in woodlands and thickets of European hop-hornbeam, Turkish oak, juniper and others. Also present are hornbeam, manna ash and beech. At the undergrowth level we find field maple, european cornel, hawthorn, sloe, ivy, European smoketree, dog rose and others. To a lesser extent there are also grasslands and meadows.

Many birds of prey nest in the gorge, such as the Golden Eagle, Common Kestrel, Northern Goshawk, Eurasian Sparrowhawk and Common Buzzard. The gorge is known for its colony of Griffon Vultures, the largest Serbian bird with a wingspan of 230-280 cm, which thanks to an organised feeding area is becoming more numerous and attractive. It is important to note that its population is present only here and in the Uvac river gorge.

The Trešnjica area harbours many mammal species – games species such as wild boar, fox, squirrel, hare, polecat and Forest Dormouse, as well as hedgehogs, otters, different species of bat etc.

The Trešnjica river is a fairly unpolluted fast-flowing cold-water mountain stream which is populated by brown and rainbow trout.


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