Nature parks

In Serbia there are some twenty nature parks and regional nature parks, which are entrusted to the care of the Srbijašume public company or to local public or city service companies. Serbia’s nature parks are: Golija, the Kučaj mountains, the Sićevačka Klisura gorge, Stara Planina, Šargan – Mokra Gora, Palić, Zlatibor, Zobnatica, Tikvara, Jegrička, the Stara Tisa river near Biserno Ostrvo, Grmija, Ponjavica, Begečka Jama, Kamaraš. The UNESCO MAB Council has designated part of the Golija nature park as the Golija-Studenica Biosphere Reserve.

A nature park is a well-preserved region of natural importance, with largely untouched natural ecosystems and picturesque scenery. Nature parks exist in order to preserve overall geological, biological and scenic diversity, as well as serving scientific, educational, spiritual, aesthetic, cultural, tourist, health, recreational and other purposes, in accordance with a traditional way of life and the principles of sustainable development.