National park Tara

The Tara National Park in the mountainous region of western Serbia was designated a national park in 1981. The 19,200-hectare park, with administrative offices in Bajina Basta, is spread out over a group of mountain peaks in the Tara, Crni vrh, Stolac and Zvezda ranges,  the Canyon of Drina with Perucac  and outskirts of Bajina Basta. National park covers a large bend in the Drina River bordering Bosnia.

Known for its beautiful peaks, thick forests, and deep caves, the park’s highlight is the massive Drina River Gorge, where rafting and boat trips are organized. The park is home to the rare Pancic Spruce (Picea omorica), which dates to the pre-historic Tertiary era. Also in its forests are many varieties of wild animals. Waterfalls within the national park are also part of its impressive beauty along the course of mountain rivers and streams.

The Tara National Park can be reached from Bajina Basta directly (by the Bajina Bašta – Kaluđerske Bare road), from Bajina Basta via Perucac (by the Perucac – Mitrovac road) and from Kremna (the Kremna – Kaludjerske Bare road).

Favourable climate conditions, lot of sunny days, average altitude about 1000m and nature beauties enable pleasant sojourn, walking and trekking. Lake Perucac on river Drina and Lake Zaovine in Beli Rzav valley are very convenient for water sports, mountain slopes for winter sports and variety of game for hunting tourism.

There are three tourist facilities with accommodation in the park, at Kaludjerske Bare with two hotels, at Predov krst (hunters lodge) and at Mitrovac, where there is a well-known children’s camp.