National park Šara

The large Šara National Park, its sprawling expanse leading to the peak of Šar Mountain, can be found in Serbian province Kosovo-Metohija. It spreads on 38,000 hectares on the northern slops of Sara Mountain.

Beautiful and virtually untouched by man, this park is a seemingly endless wilderness over undulating hills, crisscrossed by streams and river branching out over the park. What this nature boasts in particular are the endemic relict Macedonian pine and white-bark pine, as well as the Alpine rose. Wild animals, including lynx, bear and chamois, rule its grounds and the patient observer, far from any activity of the city, will have the chance to catch a glimpse as they traverse unfettered of human contact.

A locality called “Gine voda” is special attraction because the white-bark pine, Macedonian pine, skotch pine, spruce, sycamore are represented there all on a small area.

Brezovica, a well-known mountain tourist resort on the northwest slope of Mt. Šara, is unique ski and recreational centar at an altitude of 900 to 2,500 metres.

* Šara is in Kosovo and Metohija – this Serbian province is currently administrated by UNMIK based on United Nations Security Council Resolution No.1244