National park Kopaonik

Serbia’s tallest mountain, Kopaonik, was designated a national park in 1981. The park covers roughly 12,000 hectares and has its park management offices in Raska. The range of mountains in the area, wooded slopes and picturesque valleys, rivers and streams, are all home to many species of protected flora and fauna. The middle of this national park, the Suvo Rudiste plateau, cut by the Samokovska River, stretches between peaks and slopes.

The flora is characterized by a large number of autochthonous plant species (the Balkan beech, fir, spurce, yew, several kinds of maple, pine and oak). The fauna is also diverse but its concentration varies, depending on the quality of the habitat.

The vast wilderness of the park offers many opportunities for hiking and exploring, as well as hiding the warm waters of the Josanicka Banja spa, highly attended for its curative properties.

Well-developed facilities for tourists are located at the Kopaonik ski resort, including an information center in the resort village. Kopaonik lies near the main transportation routes in Serbia. The closest airport is in Niš.