National park Fruška Gora

The Fruska Gora National Park sits on the lone mountain that rises up from the Vojvodina plains in the north of Serbia. Fruska Gora is proclaimed a National Park in 1960.

The mountain, with a top height of 539 meters at Crveni Cot, stretches east to west, touching the Danube River at the historic city of Sremski Karlovci, where its administrative offices are located. The distinctive character of this 22,000 hectare park comes from its grouping of linden trees, the greatest concentration in Europe, as well as from the over 700 species of medicinal herbs that grow here in its forests.

The higher sections of Fruska Gora consist of thick forests, whereas the lower valleys of the mountain contain orchards and centuries-old vineyards. Fruska Gora hides 16 orthodox monasteries famous for their specific architecture, treasuries, libraries and frescoes and numerous archeological sites from prehistoric and historic times as well.

Wine tasting at the many vineyards located here is also a popular activity. The park has many picnic areas and offers many opportunities for hiking, biking, hunting and fishing.

Fruska Gora is easily accessible from Belgrade (1 hour) and Novi Sad (30 minutes) and has many facilities for tourists. The baroque city of Sremski Karlovci, on the edge of the park, was the 18th century spiritual, political and educational center of the Serbs and has many museums and historical buildings.