National parks

National parks occupy a special place in the natural heritage of every country. Serbia has five national parks: Đerdap, Fruška Gora, Kopaonik, Šar-planina and Tara. Separate public companies have been set up to administer each of the National Parks.

These national parks have a significance which goes beyond the borders of Serbia and they are members of the European EUROPARC national parks federation.

A national park is an area comprising multiple diverse natural ecosystems of national significance, areas of outstanding beauty and cultural heritage in which humans live in harmony with nature. National parks exist in order to preserve existing valuable natural resources and overall scenic, geological and biological diversity, as well as serving scientific, educational, spiritual, aesthetic, cultural, tourist, health, recreational and other purposes, in accordance with the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Within national parks only those activities that do not harm the environment are permitted and which serve educational purposes, promote health, recreation and tourism, the continuation of the traditional way of life in local communities and do not threaten the survival of any species, natural ecosystem or environment.