Stopića Pećina

The Stopića Pećina cave is on the northeastern side of the mountain of Zlatibor. It is 30 km from Užice, 250 km from Belgrade and 19 km from the main Belgrade-Podgorica highway. The Užice-Sirogojno road passes above the cave itself.

Stopića cave is classed as a river cave as the Trnavski Potok stream flows through it. It is comprised of three cave and water levels: one which is periodically flooded, a second river level and the most recent level, a fissure. Excluding the most recent level, the Stopića Pećina cave is 1691.5 m long, covers an area of 7911.5 m2 and has an interior volume of more than 120,000 m3. The entrance to the cave is at 711 m above sea-level. The limestone layer in the cave dates from the Triassic period and is more than 100 m thick. The entrance to the cave is an impressive 30-40 m high and 18 m wide. The climate in the cave is influenced by outside conditions – in winter it is cold and in summer warm. The waters of the Trnavski Potok stream also affect the cave’s microclimate.

The cave is comprised of five sections: the Light Hall, the Dark Hall, the Great Hall with Pools, the Channel with Pools and the River Channel. The section of the cave open to visitors does not have a great many formations, but there are a number of interesting elements such as the large entrance, the dugure (openings in the ceiling), a limestone chalice called the Dogs’ Graveyard, the Well of Life waterfall and the most striking feature, a series of sinter pools which are among the largest and deepest (more than 7 metres) of any found in the caves of Serbia. The pools flood periodically and some of them have become lakes.


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