Serbia’s caves are a notable feature on its map of tourist destinations, many of them of interest to visitors thanks to their attractive cave formations and beautiful natural phenomena. The greatest concentration of caves is found in eastern Serbia. Currently, there are seven caves which have been made suitable for visiting by tourists, although the current state of the Marble Cave, located in Kosovo and Metohija, is not known.

Caves and potholes are classed as speleological natural monuments. The most well-known caves open to visitors are the Resavska, Zlotske Pećine, Rajkova, Potpećka, Bogovinska and Stopića Pećina caves. Of the caves which are only partially adapted or were once open to visitors but have since fallen into ruin, the most interesting are the Prekonoška and Petnička Pećina caves. Entry to these caves without an expert guide and appropriate equipment is not permitted.


Federation of Speleological Organizations of Serbia
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