21. June 2010

Hitchhiking new style: with a caravan, without a car

Forty “kuka”s brought Dutch artists from Holland to Belgrade

Two Dutch artists and a dog undertake at this moment a very special endeavour; musician Tjerk Ridder, writer Peter Bijl and dog Dachs hitchhike this year from Utrecht, Holland to Istanbul, Turkey. With a caravan, without a car!

Standing besides the road with a cardboard ‘Auto Kuka?’ they want to manifest that you need others to keep you going. Forty drivers in eight weeks took them from Holland to Serbia. Right now they are in Belgrade. The upcoming weeks, Tjerk and Peter will be heading to Istanbul., where they hope to arrive at July 1st.

Symbolic journey

With this symbolic journey, Tjerk and Peter want to show that every one needs others to come further. While the drivers take them and their caravan further on their journey,  Tjerk and Peter help out their chauffeurs by inspiring and coaching them to live their dreams. Tjerk and Peter report on their trip in daily blogs and visual publications on their website www..caravanproject.eu as well as on social media (twitter, facebook, youtube),. For musician Tjerk Ridder the journey is the source of inspiration for a music album and a theatre programme.

International success

The Caravan Hitchhiking Project got lots of media attention with, until now, national television items in six countries. German national television followed them the last few days in their search for ‘kuka’ from Novi Sad to Belgrade. Two Serbian truckers gave them and their caravan eventually a ride to Belgrade.

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