The annual publication ‘Events in Serbia’, published by the National Tourism Organisation of Serbia (NTOS), aims to inform the public about numerous festivities, performances, fairs, cultural, sports and other events which greatly enriches Serbia’s tourism offer. Both domestic and international tourists are especially interested in festivities that preserve tradition, custom, folklore and handicrafts.

Most of the festivities are held during the summer, around dates that are historic benchmarks in the annual rural calendar such as sowing, harvesting, fruit picking and other summertime events.

All the festivals share one common attribute, and that is that they are very well attended and hugely popular. At Festival time all host venues enjoy a major surge in visitor numbers and many, especially those with a long standing historic significance, have a loyal following that return year after year to actively participate. These festivals are of particular importance to both our domestic and international tour operator partners as they represent considerable scope and opportunity due to their mass appeal.

The festivities and events featured in this calendar demonstrate first-hand the creativity and spiritual heritage of the Serbian people, and offer a new dimension to the tourism offer which is important to both the regions in which they are held and the country at large. The diversity and richness of Serbia’s folklore is expressed through these numerous festivities, which is an other example of how these festivals both encourage and aid the development and appreciation of Serbia’s art and culture.



narodnotraditional folk event
kulturatheatrical, literary, music, film event/culture festival/art colony
gastrogastronomic festival
kongrescongress / meeting
sajamfair / exibition
sportsport / recreational event
privrednaeconomic / promotional event