Farmsteads (salaši) are found in all three districts of Vojvodina: Bačka, Banat and Srem. Former lowland farms, scattered over the fields, they are isolated from the rest of the world – far away from the noise, pollution and hustle and bustle of the modern world.

Some farmsteads are over 200 years old and are true ethnic museums, home to a large range of items, household furniture and agricultural tools from bygone days. They have stone ovens and old-worldly guest rooms with spacious beds and large feather duvets.

While the classic Vojvodinian way of life has been preserved on some farmsteads, many of them have been refurbished and adapted to meet the needs of modern life, with swimming pools, sports fields and fishing ponds amongst other recreational facilities. The larger farmsteads also have stables, mini zoos, ethnic museums and collections.

They are not only ideal for a peaceful yet active holiday, but also for enjoying excellent Vojvodinian cuisine and first class local wines and rakija to the cheerful sound of the tamburica.