Zlatar mountain is located between the Lim, Uvac, Mileševka and Bistrica rivers. Zlatar is well-known for its climate which is characterised as a mixture of Mediterranean and mountain climates, with rarefied air, low air pressure and a large number of annual sunny days (over 280 days or 1951 hours a year). The average annual temperature on Zlatar is 17°C.

Treatment is administered in the Zlatar Specialised Rehabilitation Hospital. The rehabilitation program comprises a mixture of compatible clinical, medicinal and physiotherapy treatments, a series of diagnostic procedures and other procedures selected according to the nature and seriousness of the illness.

When patients are admitted, a basic examination is performed using detailed tests in order to gather data on the health status and function of the patient. The first stage of rehabilitation procedures involves an individual walking activity on a path of a certain length and angle, as well as speed walking, ergonometric interval training, kinesiotherapy and swimming and walking in pools. In the second stage, group physical activities (table tennis, modified basketball, volleyball, bowling etc.) combined with special rehabilitation procedures (hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and heat therapy) are introduced.

Periodical checks are performed to determine the progress made so far throughout the rehabilitation process.

The climate in Zlatar lends itself to the treatment of:

  • cardiovascular diseases
  • arterial blood pressure disorders
  • peripheral artery blood flow disorders
  • psychosomatic conditions associated with cardiovascular diseases
  • increased levels of fat and sugar in the blood
  • general poor constitution and anaemia

Guests can visit the Uvac river canyon, the habitat of the Griffon Vulture, a rare bird species in the Balkans. This nature reserve attracts large numbers of tourists because of the stunning landscape, clear waters rich in fish and the opportunities for rafting and photography.

Three artificial lakes – Zlatarsko, Sjeničko and Radoinjsko Jezero, the Mileševa and Banja Pribojska monasteries, the wooden churches in Kućani and Radijevići, as well as the Štitkovo ethnic village, round off the tourist sights of Zlatar mountain. The summer is ideal for paragliding and an international youth basketball camp is traditionally organised here, while during winter guests have access to a ski slope.


Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju “Zlatar”
Babića brdo bb, 31320 Nova Varoš
tel: +381 (0)33 61-777, fax: 61-481