Rudnik mountain, which dominates the Šumadija region, is located around 100 km south of Belgrade and 15 km from Gornji Milanovac. The small village of Rudnik lies between 500 and 700 m above sea-level. Rudnik mountain has eight peaks which have an altitude of over 1000 m above sea-level, with the largest being Cvijićev Vrh, at 1132 m.

Because of its exceptional climatic conditions (many hours of sunshine throughout the year, air circulation, highly-ionised air and unpolluted nature), Rudnik was designated a climatic spa in 1922. The town and mountain are connected by an asphalt road and a large number of keep-fit trails, and there are also small sports fields.

Thanks to the exceptional forest cover, natural hiking paths and its proximity to large towns, Rudnik is an ideal place for the development of health, education, sport and hunting tourism in summer and winter.

Not far from the village of Rudnik, there is the Clear Streams Family (Porodica Bistrih Potoka) environmental commune, which has been based in the small village of Brezovica, at the foot of the Rudnik mountain, for some 25 years. This commune is considered to be a pioneer of the return to nature and was founded by multimedia artist Božidar Mandić. The Clear Streams Family opposes the recklessness of civilisation and strives to attain the “Five Es”: ecology, ethics, esthetics, eros and emotion.

Guests can climb up to Cvijećev Vrh peak and Ostrvica, a steep volcanic outcrop on which stands Jerinin Grad, the remains of a Turkish town and fortress. Also close by are the ruins of Misa, an Islamic mosque.

Tourists can also visit the nearby historical sites of Oplenac and Takovo, the Vraćevšnica, Voljavac and Nikolja monasteries and the area around Rudnik offers the chance to go small and large game hunting.