Bujanovačka Banja

Bujanovačka Banja spa is located in southern Serbia, 2.5 km from Bujanovac, beside the road and rail links connecting Belgrade and Skopje. The spa is 360 km from Belgrade and 14 km from Vranje. This part of the Vranje basin is located in the upper course of the Južna Morava river and is 400 m above sea-level.

The spa’s excellent treatment results are achieved by combining the most up-to-date medical methods with the healing properties of nature – thermal mineral water, curative peloid mud, and natural gas. The thermal mineral water is of the sodium hydrocarbonate, fluoride, sulphide and carbonic acid hyperthermal type. The spring water has a temperature of 43°C. Bujanovačka Banja mud is of volcanic origin and is some of the best quality mud in the world. Therapy produced three effects – mechanical, thermal and pharmacological. Bujanovačka Banja is the only spa in Serbia to apply the latest methods using natural carbon dioxide gas in the treatment of disease.

The Bujanovac Specialised Rehabilitation Hospital has up-to-date diagnostic and treatment equipment (PUVA cabins, laser technology and electromyograph), and a laboratory as well. A large and diverse team of qualified medical personnel care for patients: physical medicine specialists, cardiologists, rheumatologists, skin and venereal disease specialists, specialists working with people with disabilities, general practitioners and physiotherapists. The rehabilitation of patients is overseen by experts from the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade.

In Bujanovačka Banja the following are treated:

  • rheumatic diseases (chronic rheumatism, Bekhterev’s disease, arthrosis, spondylosis, intervertebral disc conditions)
  • post-injury conditions
  • chronic alimentary canal diseases
  • skin disorders (eczema, psoriasis)
  • gynaecological diseases
  • neurological diseases (central and peripheral palsy, neuralgia and ischialgia)

A medical remedy called parafango is produced here to support continued treatment in the home environment. This is a blend of paraffin and curative mud, specially adapted for easy home use.

Near to Bujanovačka Banja is Prohorovo, an area of outstanding natural value. Prohorovo includes the Pčinje river valley and the Kozjak and Rujan mountains and is an excellent place for excursions and hunting. The 11th-century Prohor Pčinjski monastery, whose residence (konak) has been adapted to provide tourist accommodation, is located in the centre of this area. There is also a mediaeval archaeological site near Prohorovo.


Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju “Bujanovac”
17520 Bujanovac
tel: +381 (0)17 651-292, fax: 651-810