Brestovačka Banja

Brestovačka Banja spa is located in eastern Serbia, 7 km from Bor and lies at a height of 385 m above sea-level. The climate is moderate continental.

Past volcanic activity and the complex geological composition of the ground led to the formation of thermal mineral springs. In terms of their temperature, the waters are heterothermal (meaning a range from 32-38°C) and hyperthermal (40°C), and contain potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, chlorine, iodine, sulphates and carbonates. The waters are clear, with a slight yellow tinge, do not contain gaseous bubbles or sediment, have no smell and the taste is alkaline.

The natural oligomineral medicinal waters of Brestovačka Banja are successfully employed in a number of ways: drinking, gargling, sprinkling, in aerosol spray form and for bathing, as well as in physical therapy where they also serve as a curative supplement to medicines.

The following are treated in Brestovačka Banja:

  • diseases of and injuries to the muscles and bones (degenerative rheumatic diseases, rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis)
  • chronic joint diseases
  • after-effects of injuries to bones and soft tissues (swelling and pain)
  • muscle disorders (lumbago – lower back pain)
  • chronic gynaecological diseases
  • upper respiratory mucous membrane inflammation
  • inflammatory skin conditions
  • increased diuresis
  • low level of stomach acid
  • digestive tract diseases
  • kidney diseases
  • nerve diseases

Accommodation is provided in the Srpska Kruna, Lucija, Biljana, Toplica villas, as well as the RTB Bor Club.

Spa guests can visit Prince Miloš’s Residence (Konak Kneza Miloša), built in 1876, which functions as a hamam – Turkish steam bath and reconstructed old bath.

Some 90 hectares of forest surround Brestovačka Banja. Borsko Jezero lake is located 10 km from the spa and the Zlotske Pećine caves, Felix Romuliana and Gamzigradska banja spa are nearby.


Brestovačka Banja
Šistekova 1, 19210 Bor
tel: +381 (0)30 31-830