Palić Wine Route


The entire Palić region lies on  sandy terrain left by the prehistoric Pannonian Sea. That’s why wines from this area are commonly referred to as sand wines. The sandy soil, a moderate continental climate and top grape varieties yield very appealing wines. The Subotica-Horgoš area has a winemaking tradition that goes back well over 2,000 years.
In the Bačka region winemaking flourished after the phylloxera epidemic destroyed much of Europe’s viticulture..   At this time three wine cellars were founded in the vicinity of Palić , Čoka and in Biserno Ostrvo near Novi Bečej.  These cellars remain the backbone of the region’s viticulture..

The Čoka Cellar, established in 1903, is among the rare and magnificent monuments of a great wine tradition. The cellar’s rustic interior features seven cold wine alleys and has a capacity of 3300 tones. There are 130 oak casks with a capacity between 1500 and to 11,000 liters capacities and 17 special concrete tanks insulated with glass tiles.  These tanks have a total capacity of  between 33,000 and 67,000 liters. Locals say that the biggest tank, which is as large as a small dance hall, was used for parties hosted by Count Lederer, the cellar’s founder.

The Palić Cellar, founded in 1896,  was built where an agricultural school once stood.  It preserved the ancient winemaking heritage of the Subotica-Horgoš sandy heath. Today the WOW Winery continues the tradition.
The Muscat Croquant grapevine variety was planted by count Lipot Rohonczi in Biserno Ostrvo, where he built a small castle with a wine cellar that still exists . The wine made from those grapes was sold in Budapest, London and other European markets.


Practically all of the 24,000 hectares of the Subotica-Horgoš sands are suitable for grapevines. The region’s vineyards are concentrated around the towns in the municipalities of Kanjiža and Subotica. The area is characterized by sandy heaths and occasional patches of quicksand, as well as by various clayey soils, chernozem mixed with sandy soil, and brown steppe soils. The landscape is either flat or  rolling plateaus .

The climate is typically continental, and the terrain even allows polar fronts through in the winter.

Certain ancient varieties are traditionally grown in these sands. Earlier this was the case with the Kadarka variety. Today it is the same with the Kevedinka variety the Muscat Croquant grape from around Novi Bečej.

The varieties  are predominantly grown in new vineyards include Italian Riesling, Rhine Riesling and Chardonnay.

The area’s recommended white varieties are Italian Riesling, Župljanka, White Burgundy, Ezerjó, in the zone around Čoka  Muscat Ottonel and Sémillon, and Muscat Croquant from Biserno Ostrvo. Recommended red grape varieties include Merlot, Frankovka, Red Burgundy and Cabernet. The sandy terrain, a moderate continental climate and high-quality grapevines yield very appealing wines distinguished by a harmonious, yet refined taste and a gentle bouquet..

The Čoka Winery and the WOW Winery are the leading wine producers in the area. The Čoka Winery produces top-quality wines with the “vitality of a colt”, the most representative being the Merlot, the Muscat Ottonel and Ždrepčeva Krv (Colt’s Blood).The local Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc are also notable.


Vinski Dvor

Produces Chardonnay, Kevedinka, Italian and Rhine Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Red Burgundy

Can accommodate up to 200 wine samplers, has two restaurants and a hotel with 32 rooms.

Hajdukovo bb
Phone: (+381) 024/754762

Vinski salaš Čuvardić

Produces: Bouvier, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Kadarka and Kevedinka.

Can accommodate up to 30 visitors.

E. Kardelja 139, Subotica
Phone: (+381) 024/515 721


Produces Sauvignon Blanc, Italian Riesling, Muscat Ottonel, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Can accommodate up to 60 visitors for wine tasting and also has a restaurant with 130 seats.

Tuk Ugarnice 14, Palić

Phone: (+381) 024/546 067

WOW Winery

Josipa Kolumba 33, Palić

Phone: (+381) 024/603001.

Produces: Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine sampling hall can accommodate up to 100 people.;

Čoka Winery

Segedinski put 80, Subotica

Phone: (+381) 024/546555

Vinum Lodi

Njegoševa 36, Feketić,

Phone: (+381) 024/738276

Produces Župljanka, Frankovka, Cabernet Sauvignon, Italian and Rhine Riesling

Can accommodate around 40 wine-sampling guests.;


Baranji Karolja 17, Temerin

Phone: (+381) 021/843773

Produces Chardonnay, Italian Riesling, Bačka, Frankovka and Cabernet Sauvignon

Can accommodate up to 60 guests for wine sampling.;

Visits to cellars are subject to prior arrangement.

The Arena Sabatkienze order of ”Wine Knights” is a local tradition. “Wine Knights” belonging to this order protect and popularize the culture of wine drinking.. Ancient wine customs are cherished with specific rituals, with knights wearing unusual and attractive uniforms. The knights have ranks, and the initiation ritual requires a test of the candidate’s wine expertise.



Mala Gostiona****

Park Narodnih Heroja 15, Palić

Phone: (+381) 024/753447

International and national cuisine, 150 years of tradition

Restaurant and Wine Treasury “Širaz”

Palićki put 14, Palić

Phone: (+381) 024/686220

Offers Hungarian and international cuisine and a large selection of wines.

Riblja Čarda****

Obala Lajoša Vremeša bb, Palić

Phone: (+381) 024/755040

Offersfish paprikash (a spicy fish stew), fish soup and fish specialties

Villa Viktorija

Jezerska 15, Palić

Phone: (+381) 024/754497

International cuisine, pleasant environment

Guljaš Čarda

Ludoški šor 206, Palić

Phone: (+381) 024/758093

Offers Vojvodina cuisine as well as specialties with ostrich meat and mangulica pork

Vinski Dvor


Phone: (+381) 024/754762

National cuisine

Majkin Salaš


Phone: (+381) 024/753032

Vojvodina cuisine


Horgoški put 132, Palić

Phone: (+381) 024/755012

Hungarian cuisine

Perkelt – a typical regional dish- goes well with a Merlot. Cabernet goes well with rooster paprikash (stew), while the local wine Kadarka is a perfect accompaniment to a veal steak with mushrooms.


Palić  lends its name to a lake,  a spa and a town which is among the best-known tourist resorts in Serbia. Palić is a stylish summer resort offering a charming environment, entertainment, a baroque park, and a heritage of Secession architecture. Known as a “Champion of Comfort” Palić offers hotels, restaurants, beaches, tennis courts, a casino and a zoo all within a one kilometer radius.

In the vicinity of Palić there are also numerous other attractions, including  the Lake Leda special natural reserve, numerous salas (isolated farms) and čardas (traditional inn), an ostrich farm at the Guljaš Čarda, and Zobnatica Stables (30 km from Palić) where thoroughbred horses have been bred for over 200 years.

The nearby town of Subotica, with a population of 100.000 has a picturesque central pedestrian  zone. For true connoisseurs, Palić is synonymous with beauty and a sophisticated and unusual cuisine, set against a backdrop of cymbals and violin music that seems to sing. In Palić and Subotica, good food is guaranteed whether one opts for  Hungarian, Serbian or Bunjevac cuisine, or even a combination of the three.

In late September, Palić hosts the traditional Grape-Picking Days, a festivital dedicated to grapes and wine.

Tourist information: JP Palić-Ludaš

Kanjiški put 17a

Phone: (+381) 024/753111;

Getting There and Accommodations

Subotica lies 181 km north of Belgrade on the international route E75, with the North Exit leading to Palić. The Tompa and Horgos border crossings to Hungary are just 20 km and 52 km from Palić respectively.

Regular bus lines go from Belgrade to Subotica every 90 minutes or so, and there is also a direct Belgrade-Subotica train.


PBG Hotel***

Harambašićeva 21, Subotica

Phone: (+381) 024/556542

Offers 27 rooms with 66 beds

Patria Hotel***

Đure Đakovića bb, Subotica

Phone: (+381) 024/554500

Offers 141 rooms with 237 beds

Prezident Hotel****

Olge Penavin 2, Palić

Phone: (+381) 024/622662

Offeris 56 rooms with 112 beds

Park and Jezero hotels****

Park Narodnih Heroja 15, Palić

Phone: (+381) 024/753112

Offers a total of 64 rooms with 120 beds

Lira Hotel

Horgoški put 144, Palić

Phone: (+381) 024/753032

Offers 13 rooms with 31 beds

Vinski Dvor

Hajdukovo bb

Phone: (+381) 024/754762

Offers 32 rooms with 76 beds

Villa Milord

Splitska Aleja 19, Palić

Phone: (+381) 024/602800

Offers 15 rooms

Cvetni Salaš

Hajdukovo 387

Phone: (+381) 024/753276

Offers 15 rooms with 41 beds