Vlasina is a plateau in southeastern Serbia which lies 1265 m above sea-level and is surrounded by the Gramada, Vardenik and Čemernik mountains. It is located 320 km from Belgrade and 20 km from Surdulica, close to the border with Bulgaria. Because of its natural beauty and rich plant and animal life, Vlasina is a protected area of exceptional importance.

The central section of the Vlasina plateau is occupied by Vlasinsko Jezero Lake, the largest and highest artificial lake in Serbia which stands 1230 m above sea-level and has an area of 16 km2. The lake was formed when, on top of the Vlasinsko Blato peat bog, a dam was built under which the Vlasina river flows. The lake is also special because of its unique floating peat islands on which cows can sometimes be seen grazing as they float on the water.

The climate in Vlasina is subalpine, with dry and fresh summers and dry winters. Meadows, glades and birch forests extend in all directions and of special interest is mushroom-picking .

Because Vlasina is off the beaten path, it is an ideal location for nature lovers who place comfort at the bottom of their holiday checklist.

The plateau is surrounded by rounded mountain peaks and gentle slopes, ideal for amateur skiers.