Golija is one of the most beautiful and forest-rich mountains in Serbia. It is located 40 km southwest of Ivanjica and offers a wide variety of holiday and leisure options in the midst of almost untouched nature. The highest peak is Jankov Kamen, at 1833 m.

Since 2001, Golija mountain has been under state protection as the Golija Nature Park, which was placed in category I as a natural resource of exceptional importance. Because of the exceptionally well-preserved natural environment, but also because of its cultural resources, the committee of the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Reserve Programme set up the Golija – Studenica Biosphere Reserve within the Golija Nature Park.

The Golijska Reka mountain lodge lies 1408 m above sea-level and has a football pitch, small sports fields and tennis courts. Hiking up to the Jankov Kamen and Novića Brda peaks, as well as the 3 km-long marked keep-fit circuit, is of special interest.

In Odvraćenica, 31 km from Novi Pazar, the Golija hotel stands on the site of a former mountain lodge. Golija’s slopes are ideal for skiing because of the very snowy winters, and guests have the use of three ski slopes and two ski-lifts.