Goč mountain, whose highest peak is 1124 m high, is located 200 km from Belgrade and 31 km from Kraljevo, in the northern part of the Kopaonik mountain range. Goč is accessible from many sides, but the two main roads run from Kraljevo to the Dobre Vode peak via Kamenica and from Vrnjačka Banja to Stanišinac. Goč is covered in a beech and fir forest which is also home to Goč pines, sessile oaks, fine deciduous species and exotic coniferous species. The large forests and the slopes of Goč, with their unspoilt nature and clean air, have a beneficial effect on people suffering from anaemia and boost the metabolism and the nervous system.

Goč is rich in wild strawberries and harbours a diverse range of medicinal plants. The rich flora is affirmed by the presence of the beekeepers who set up their beehives on the pastures. In Gvozdac there is an artificial lake which seamlessly fits in with the natural surroundings.

In the Dobre Vode tourism resort, next to a hotel of the same name, there are two 300 m-ski slopes for beginners and children, each with a ski-lift. A 1150 m-long ski-lift and a 1400 m-long ski slope are located 150 m from the hotel. The lower part of the slope, whose hill climbs are 350 m, is gently inclined, making it suitable for beginners, while the upper part is steep and used by more serious amateur skiers. There are also five marked trails of different lengths and inclines for cross-country skiing, as well as a 30 m-jump which is ideal for practice in ski jumping. Guests who visit Goč can hire ski equipment and a ski school is also held during the winter period.

Next to the Beli Izvor holiday resort, which is located on the Vrnjačka Banja side of the mountain, there are small sports fields and hiking and running paths, and two 500 m-long ski slopes open during the winter months which are perfect for those first steps on the snow. The ski-lift can carry 1200 skiers an hour and nighttime skiing is also possible.

Besides the skiing facilities, Goč also caters for sports training (with its courts for basketball, volleyball, handball and tennis), school excursions and sports camps, hiking, paragliding, fishing and hunting.

Goč is also well-known for its cultural and historical landmarks, the most interesting of which is the Roman-era cemetery, the burial place of the Saxon miners who extracted and smelted iron here at the time of the Nemanjić dynasty.