Brezovica – Šar Mountains

With their imposing appearance, height and vastness, the Šar Mountains assume a dominant position in the Balkan Peninsula. With its numerous peaks climbing to over 2500 m, the Šar Mountain range rises up in the spacious Kosovo valley and extends from the northeast to the southwest for around 80 km.

Šar Mountains National Park spreads out over its northern slopes. It is the largest area of biodiversity in the Balkans as it is the sole habitat of around 20 endemic species or natural rarities.

Brezovica, a well-known ski centre, is located on the northwestern part of the Šar Mountains, 12 km from the village of Brezovica in the municipality of Štrpce. The climate, duration of snow cover – from November to May – and the length, angle and hill climbs of each slope make it one of the best known alpine ski resorts in Serbia. The ski resort lies 2500 m above sea-level and has 11 chair and ski lifts, which have a capacity of 10,000 skiers an hour. The slopes are suitable for all alpine disciplines and have an average length of around 3000 m.

The Šar Mountains contain a large number of glacial mountain lakes and many mountain brooks and streams rich in trout, and the many chamois, bear, lynx and wood grouse habitats also offer excellent hunting opportunities.

Leisurely walks, medicinal plant picking, hiking and excursions are possible during the summer months.

The Šar Mountains are located in the territory of the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija which is currently under the administration of UNMIK (the UN Interim Mission in Kosovo).