Zrenjanin, Žabalj, Titel

Historic Buildings, Archeological Sites, Scenic Marshlands

Just 73 km from Belgrade, Zrenjanin is the largest city in the Banat District. This pretty city, which was once called Veliki Beckerek (Veliki Bečkerek), is accessible via Novi Sad and Belgrade.

The baroque style City Hall (1820) dominates the quaint central Freedom Square. The building was recently restored to its original beauty. The City Hall complex features the vibrant City Garden, which abounds with fountains, statues and pavilions. Locals flock to this beautiful space for fun and relaxation.

The 1874 Saint John of Nepomuk Roman Catholic Cathedral is a striking Neo-Romantic structure.  The cathedral’s bells were engineered so that their rings can be heard just to the edge of the city limits.

The 1894 National Museum Palace, formerly the Finance Palace, and the Tosa Jovanovic National Theater, home to the oldest stage in Serbia, are Zrenjanin’s most extraordinary buildings.

If you visit the chapel next to Zrenjanin’s Temple of Presentation of the Virgin Mary (Vavedenjski hram), you will discover the remains of Rafail Banatski, a canonized Chilandar missionary and miracle maker. According to legend, medicinal water flowed from an old elm tree following Banatski’s death.


A stroll down Freedom Square to King Alexander and First streets will lead you to a number of restaurants and cafés. Here you will also find the Bece, Panji, Kovac (Kovač) and Tuner Palace, also known as Scheherazade for its unique Moorish building style.  Explore further and you will discover Renaissance Palace and the homes of two of Zrenjanin’s tradesmen, Jaksic and Stagelschmidt. They all tell pieces of the city’s history.

Zrenjanin has eight public parks, five squares, and ten bridges. Built in 1904, the Little Bridge for pedestrians only is the city’s oldest and most charming bridge.

Zrenjanin has four major hotels, a number of motels and several highly developed private accommodation facilities. Check with a local tourist organization for reservation details.

If you are looking for a relaxing getaway, a visit to nearby Rusanda Spa is a must. Located in Melenci on the shores of the Rusanda Lake, the spa is off the road heading toward Novi Becej  (Novi Bečej). Rusanda Spa offers spa treatments and sports facilities. You can also savor local seafood cuisine at the spa’s restaurant.

The unique Tiganija ethno-resort is 15 km from the city, just off the Zrenjanin-Belgrade motorway. The resort has overnight accommodation and a restaurant. Tiganija is increasingly becoming popular for bird watching.

On every last Sunday in August, Zrenjanin hosts the Beer Days (Dani Piva) festival, featuring the bottoms-up competition.  The city is also home to the Banat Diligent Hands (Banatske vredne ruke) event, which features handmade crafts and Banat cuisine.



As you leave Zrenjanin and head toward Novi Sad, stop and visit Zabalj (Žabalj). The town’s most beautiful building is the Temple of the Holy Father Nikolai (Hram Svetog Oca Nikolaja). This baroque style temple features unique icons crafted from colorful stones.


If you are seeking a quiet retreat for bird watching, head to the Jegricka Valley (Dolina Jegričke), Serbia’s marshlands. The valley is a perfect location for a photo safari. The Stara Tisa hunting grounds nearby are abundant in deer and small game.

If you are a golfer, you will soon be able to play Serbia’s first professional golf course near Zabalj. Construction of the course is nearly complete.



The small town of Titel is easily accessible from Begej, Belgrade, Novi Sad and Zrenjanin. The quickest route there is the South Backa district motorway from Novi Sad heading toward the Banat District. The town, which dates back to the Roman Period, is rich in history. Stroll through Titel and you will uncover remnants of civilizations that have left their mark here for centuries.


One of the city’s main attractions is the native house of Mileva Maric Einstein. Here, you will also discover peculiar geologic formation rising above the Vojvodina plain. Remarkably rich flora and fauna surround the unusual formation.

The Feudvar archeological site, which features artifacts from the Iron and Bronze Age, is accessible via boat on the Tisa and Begej heading toward Mosorin. Head to Titel and enjoy rowing, boating, paragliding and camping. Titel also features a regatta, an eco-camp, and horse racing.

When in Zrenjanin, Zabalj and Titel, we recommend:

– A therapeutic massage at Rusanda Spa

– A photo-safari in Zabalj

– A drink in one of the cafes along Zrenjanin’s promenade


Just 10 km from Zrenjanin, the Carska Bara nature reserve features 240 species of rare bird species, including the white-tailed eagle, the marsh harrier, the sparrow hawk, buzzard and the heron. The 1,767 ha marshland carries the UNESCO world heritage site distinction.

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