Vršac, Bela Crkva

Carpathian Breezes

The city of Vrsac (Vršac) is 84km from Belgrade off the E70 highway. Well known for its high winds, scenic surroundings and beautiful vineyards, this city nestled in the Carpathian hills is just a 10-minute drive to Serbia’s border with Romania. Vrsac is also accessible via the Vienna-Budapest-Belgrade-Bucharest train route. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even fly into Vrsac’s small airport.

The city’s most historical buildings date back to the 18th century. A few prominent examples include the baroque Bishop’s Palace, the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, the neo-gothic St. Gerhard Roman-Catholic Church, the Magistrate and the Jovan Sterija Popovic House. The City Museum is home to an extensive archeological collection from the Vatin, Dubovac and Zidovara sites.

The old pharmacy on Kumanovska and Stevana Nemanje is known as the Pharmacy Under the Stairway (Apoteka pod stepenicama) due to its location directly under a set of stairs. The structure dates back to the mid 18th century, when Vrsac’s oldest pharmacy At the Savior (Kod spasitelja) opened its doors. In 1965, the building became part of the City Museum.

Overall, Vrsac is a modern city with a developed infrastructure, strong institutions, sports, healthcare facilities and a robust economy. The city is home to a number of companies, including Hemofarm Pharmaceuticals, the Vrsac Vineyards, the Vrsac Brewery and the Banat confectionery company. The city is also home to the JAT Airways Flight Academy, where numerous cadets from all over the Balkans come to train.


Built in the 15th century, the Hill Tower (Kula Breg) rises up high above the city. Hike along its path and you will be rewarded with a spectacular view.

Vrsac is an ideal destination for the sports enthusiast. The city’s modern Millennium Dome is an outstanding facility with plenty of opportunities to practice and enjoy a variety of sports as a spectator.

The people of Vrsac are proud of their traditions. Its wineries welcome all who enjoy wine to participate in the Vrsac Grape Harvest (Vršačka berba groždja), held the third weekend of every September. The city also hosts the International Folk Dancing Festival, which is takes place every summer.



The beautiful small town of Bela Crkva is just 35km south of Vrsac, near the Romanian border. Several bodies of water, including the Neva River, the Danube-Tisa canal and a number of small lakes surround the city, which is sometimes called the Venice of Vojvodina.

Bela Crkva’s city center features several baroque style façades. The local museum has existed since 1877. A public park marks the entryway to Prvog oktobra Street (First of October Street) heading north. Rising behind the Roman Catholic Church, the Kalvarija Hill offers a beautiful view of the town and the ridges of the Carpathian Mountains.


Bela Crkva abounds with flowers and every summer there is a 100-year-old traditional Flower Parade (Karneval cveća) held here. Bela Crkva locals love the city’s clean air and pristine nature. The city’s man-made crystal clear lakes offer a perfect opportunity to relax and swim. A well-maintained beach off the town center also offers plenty of fun and recreation.

When in Vrsac or Bela Crkva, we recommend:

– A visit to the Vrsac vineyards

– A hike up Vrsac’s Breg Tower

– A visit to Bela Crkva during the annual Flower Parade


The vineyard tradition in Vrsac has a rich and interesting history. European courts served Vrsac wine as far back as the 15th century. There is strong evidence that the Ancient Romans and Dacians harvested grapes in this area. Close to Vrsac, the small village of Gudurice is one of the biggest producers of grape and wine in the region. Grape quality is superior here and includes the leading brands Smederevka, Dinka, Slankamenka, Portugieser and Kreatza. The grapes are grown in lanes and are specifically positioned to withstand the region’s low temperatures. The East Wind (košava), which blows 260 days in a year, serves as a natural fumigation system for the vines, protecting them against diseases and pests.

Tourist Organization of the Vrsac Municipality
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Tourist Organization of the Bela Crkva Municipality
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Tel: +381 13 851 777
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