Sombor, Bezdan, Apatin

The beauty of a slow Fiaker

The elegant town of Sombor lies on the Backa (Bačka) plain. Located near the Danube just off the E-75 highway heading toward Budapest, Sombor is 174 km from Belgrade and 99 km from Novi Sad.


Sombor’s beautiful town square features several baroque-style buildings and the classical-style 1842 Town Hall. The 19th century Parish Hall exhibits The Battle of Senta painting by Eisenhut Ferenczi. Measuring twenty-eight square meters, it is Serbia’s largest painting. With as many rooms as there are days in the year, Parish Hall is Sombor’s most impressive structure. During the Habsburg era, the town’s central square was dedicated to the Holy Trinity.

You will also find the 18th century St. George Orthodox Church (Crkva Sv. Georgija) and the Catholic Rectory (Katolički župni dvor) in the town center. The square’s Pasha Tower has been restored to house the ateliers of Sombor’s artists.

It is impossible to visualize Sombor without its traditional tamburitza players. The tamburitzas are a symbol of the city that dates back centuries.  The fiaker coach is also a key feature of the town. Take one for a spin in the city center!


A visit to one of 16 traditional salaši ranches near Sombor is a must! You can enjoy a traditional meal and tour these old-world structures which time has left untouched. Contact the local Tourist Organization for information.

For fishing enthusiasts, Sombor and its surroundings offer heaven on earth. Top fishing spots include the Backi and Bajski Canals and the Danube, the largest river in Europe. This stretch of the Danube abounds with low-hanging branches and wetlands.

Bezdan is one of the fifteen villages in the vicinity of Sombor. Founded in 1305, its iodide-rich medicinal waters were discovered at the beginning of the last century. Just one liter of Bezdan water has 2.84 mg of iodide. Today, the Bezdan Spa has over 100 hotel beds and private accommodation options. Bezdan also has an eco-classroom for nature lovers.

Apatin is located on the left bank of the Danube, just 17 km southwest of Sombor. A strong tradition of craftsmanship and trade has existed here since 1700. You will find the most popular Serbian beer brands are produced here. Apatin has brewed beer since 1756. According to historical documents, some of Budapest’s most famous palaces were constructed with bricks made in Apatin.

Apatin is considered to be Serbia’s most prominent fishing center. The town is home to several annual events dedicated to fishing. For example, fish stew is traditionally prepared during Fisherman’s Night. Apatin is also paradise for small-game, wild boar and deer hunters.

If you are an eco-safari enthusiast, you enjoy the great outdoors with a visit to Bestrement, Kupusinski dunavac, Ciganski dunavac, or Kandljilja pesak.

Next to Apatin, the Junakovic Spa features a recreation and rehabilitation center for those suffering from coronary and digestive system ailments. The spa includes swimming pools, sports facilities, saunas and massage therapy treatments.


If you visit Sombor, you will immediately notice that everyone, young and old, is riding a bicycle. Every tavern, shop and official building reserves parking for the town’s two-wheelers! The locals’ preference of bicycles to cars contributes to the relaxed and tranquil atmosphere in this beautiful town.

When in Sombor and surroundings, we recommend:

– A visit to the small Montmartre in Sombor’s Pasha Tower

– A ride in a Fiaker-coach carriage, accompanied by the pleasant sounds of a tamburitza orchestra

– A glass (or a pint!) of Apatin beer


Tourist Organization of Sombor
1 Cara Lazara Square, 25000 Sombor
Tel: +381 25 434  350

TIC Sombor,  Kralja Petra I Street
Tel: +381 25 420 041

Tourist Organization of Apatin Municipality
2a Petefi Šandora Street, 25200 Apatin
Tel:+381 25 772 555