Kikinda, Bečej, Novi Bečej

Places with Memories

Kikinda is the administrative center of the North Banat District and is 130 km from Belgrade. Located in the heart of Banat, the city is well connected to the rest of Serbia.


You will find archeological sites around every corner here. This is a testament that settlements have existed in Kikinda since 5,000 B.C. The city’s center has several attractions, including City Hall (1894) with its high tower and Kikinda emblem on its façade. The beautiful 1908 Lepedat villa is located on Main Street (Glavna ulica). You will find the city’s museum in the Curie building, which has a rich collection of archeological artifacts.  The nearby Church of St. Nicholas (1769) features a distinctive sundial on its southern wall.

A visit to Kikinda’s Stara Suvaca (Stara Suvača), a traditional horse-powered mill is a must! The structure is one of the last two remaining in Europe. Once used to grind grain, the mill is now a venue for theater performances and concerts.  The Narvik Hotel is the key feature of the Kikinda town center. Its beautiful architecture will inspire your stay here. If you prefer, you can also stay in one of Kikinda’s private mansions.


If you decide to visit any one of the villages around Kikinda, you will discover traces of ancient civilizations and enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals. Every year, the village of Mokrin organizes an egg cracking competition on Easter Sunday. Gander Fights also take place in Mokrin.

Kikinda also celebrates the pumpkin every autumn. The Days of Ludaja Festival (a variety of pumpkin) takes place the first weekend in October. Kikinda’s streets are overrun with pumpkins during these festive days. Though no one knows exactly why it is called ludaje, we can only guess it a tribute to the noble pumpkin.

Becej (Bečej) is a small town on the Tisa River 120km from Belgrade. The city’s Trg Oslobodjenja (the Liberation Square) features a number of prominent buildings, including City Hall, the Baroness Eufemija Jovic Foundation and the 1851 Orthodox Church. The main square is actually circular and is referred to informally as the Pogača, (round bread.)

Regular visitors to Banat claim that the cuisine and accommodation in Becej are exquisite. The industrialist Bogdan Dundjerski built a striking castle 14 km from Becej at the beginning of 20th century. Today the structure is an expansive resort on 65ha of land. It features a small family chapel and horse stables which were at one point home to 1,400 horses.

On the opposite side of the Tisa River is Novi Becej (New Becej), some 113km from Belgrade. The town’s historical record indicates that the great fire of 1886 devastated over a third of the settlement’s area. Fortunately, the remains of a 14th century basilica in Arace, 14 km from the center of the municipality, are still intact.

Near Novi Becej, you will find the largest hydro structure on the Danube-Tisa, a large concrete dam featuring seven spillways and a navigation dock. The Danube-Tisa canal is also home to the Eiffel Lock, an example of one of the most outstanding technical achievements from the beginning of the 20th century. Referred to as the Slajz (Šlajz) by locals, it was built out of bare necessity.  The gate was built at the confluence of the Grand Backi Canal (Veliki Bački Kanal) and the Tisa River because Novi Becej used to flood on a regular basis. Though no one knows for certain whether the navigation lock was actually built by the famous Eiffel, the design strongly resembles the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Novi Becej also features abundant hunting grounds and the Sokolac resort. The town is well connected to the rest of the region and is famous for its fish stew cooking competition and International Art Camp every summer.


In 1996, archeologists excavated a well-preserved mammoth skeleton in the clay deposits of the Toza Markovic factory. The skeleton discovered by accident some 20 m underground measures 4 m in height, 7 m in length and 3 m in width. Today, it is helping scientists uncover clues to its existence.

When in Kikinda, Becej, Novi Becej and surroundings, we recommend:

– A serenade by tamburitza players (tamburaši)

– Participating in the Easter egg cracking competition (Tucinijada) in Mokrin

– A stay at the Dundjerski Castle


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