Ivanjica, Golija, Arilje

Raspberry Fields Galore

Ivanjica is located in southwest Serbia, 224 kilometers from Belgrade. It borders the municipalities of Sjenica, Nova Varoš, Raška, Novi Pazar, Kraljevo, Lučani and Arilje. Ivanjica lies on the banks of the Moravica River, which originates deep inside the 468 m Golija Mountain.

Ivanjica is an air spa.  If you happen to visit the city and the surrounding area, you will discover numerous other spas and restorative centers.  Stroll through Ivanjica and you will come across the beautiful 1836 St. Emperor Constantine and Empress Jelena church and the charming stone bridge across the Moravica River. Built in 1904, it is the largest single-arch bridge in the Balkans. Ivanjica’s power station, which was built in 1911 and created a beautiful waterfall on the Moravica River, is a key symbol of the city. Though the station still functions, today it is mostly an exhibit of the technology available at the time.


Explore beyond Ivanjica and you will discover the Palibrčki gravesite. According to legend, it contains the tomb of the Jugovići brothers, where the Lazarica Church was built. You will find the incredible Hadži-Prodanova cave just ten kilometers from Ivanjica. The cave has two floors, two side canals, and several large hallways. The entranceway measures three meters in length. The overall size of the cave is still unknown. Just 400 meters of it have been explored. Come see this natural phenomenon for yourself.

According to those who have experienced it, you can see half of Serbia from atop Golija Mountain. In the winter, the mountain sparkles with a heavy blanket of snow. The mountain abounds with springs, clean mountain water, over 100 types of medicinal herbs, game for hunting, and rivers and brooks brimming with fish.

At an altitude of 1500 m, Tičar Lake is perched high atop Dajić hill. It is a favorite spot for fishermen in the region. The nearby lake on Okruglica was created in 1974 following an intense earthquake in neighboring Romania. The Kašinovo Lake in the vicinity is covered with peat vegetation. The waterfalls along the Izubri River are beautiful. Hunting and fishing are popular activities among the locals in this region. Golija’s traditional Wolf Hunt is the most renowned event of its kind in all of Serbia.

Apart from Golija, Javor Mountain is the other major highlight in this scenic region. Known for its deciduous forests and abundant springs, its highest peak (Vasilije peak) measures 1520m. You will find a monument to Major Ilić, a hero of the Javor war, at the foothills of the mountain.

The Pridvorica Monastery in the village of Pridvorica is just 28 km southeast of Ivanjica. The monastery, which is representative of the Raška School, is referred to in the ancient Nemanja charter. The 1606 Kovilje monastery, which is located in the village of Smiljevac, sits atop a cliff overlooking the Moravica River. The monastery was home to a school for priests in training, and since 1813, it has functioned as a regular parish church.



The small town of Arilje is 195 kilometers from Belgrade. In 1219 Sava Nemanjić proclaimed it as the center of the Moravička episcopacy. The symbol of the town is the St. Ahilije church built by Dragutin Nemanjić between 1283 and 1296. Today, Arilje is best known for its plentiful fields of raspberries. The town abounds with sparkling springs, which supply drinking water for approximately 300,000 people in five municipalities.


The nearby village of Visoka features a therapeutic mineral spa. At an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, the water is known for its healing powers. The spa draws individuals suffering from bone and heart disease, and poor eyesight.

Explore this area further, and you will discover a beautiful water cave in a canyon near Panjica River between the villages of Brekovo and Dobrača.

When in Ivanjica and Arilje, we recommend:

– The festival of traditional Serbian songs in Prilike

– A visit to the raspberry fields in Arilje

– A visit to the impressive Hadži-Prodanova cave


On September 21, 2001, UNESCO named Golija Mountain a Biosphere Area. The government of Serbia has designated 53,804 ha in the area as a Nature Park and wildlife reserve. Golija Mountain is now one of 211 wildlife reserves worldwide and the only one in Serbia.


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