Čajetina, Zlatibor

Mountain Views and Delicacies to Soothe the Soul

Čajetina lies on the northern edge of Zlatibor Mountain. The city is 230 km southwest of Belgrade via the highway heading toward Uzice and the Montenegrin coast.

Zlatibor Mountain is known for its pleasant climate, beautiful landscapes and clean air. The average altitude of the Zlatibor plateau is 1000 m. Its highest peaks are the Tornik (1496 m) and the Čigota (1422m). Zlatibor’s magnificent scenery includes meadows, pastures, pine trees, brooks and streams. At Crni Rzav you will find the glorious Ribnica Lake. Gostilje River features a magnificent waterfall. Zlatibor’s high altitude and sun-drenched days make it an ideal destination year-round.

Visitors come from far and wide to enjoy sports, recreation, relaxation, conferences and outdoor fun. Individuals who suffer from thyroid ailments come to Zlatibor to enjoy the fresh mountain air and for treatment at one of the area’s specialized clinics.

The majority of facilities for visitors are located in the center of Zlatibor. The city offers a wide range of hotels, pensions, inns, and recreational centers to make your stay a comfortable one. While in Zlatibor take advantage of the opportunity to sample one of the region’s many local delicacies. Zlatibor’s restaurants, cafes and inns offer kajmac (a creamy cheese spread), smoked ham, cheese, and zlatiborska komplet lepinja (a sandwich made with pork, roast lamb, scrambled eggs and kajmak). The city’s cafes and nightclubs offer great entertainment. Check with one of the local tourist organizations for details.

We highly recommend a trip to Staro Selo (Old Village) in Sirogojno, which symbolizes the traditional architecture and lifestyle of this region. The most historical parts of this village are under state protection, as they represent the very best of traditional structures in southeast Serbia.

The protected area is a museum complex comprising of fifty beautifully decorated buildings that evoke life in this part Serbia over the past centuries. The homes in this region are specific not only to the Zlatibor region but also to Bosnia and a vast part of Croatia.

The homes in Sirogojno were built on an incline. Each features a stone foundation that was once used as a semi-dug cellar. The upper portions of the homes used for living space are constructed of wood. Not a single binding or nail was used to build these homes.

The museum complex offers a diverse mix of local souvenirs and handmade sweaters that feature motifs of this region. These unique garments have put Sirogojno on the world map. The complex also features an herbal pharmacy and an inn, both constructed in the traditional style. The charming 1764 St. Peter and Paul church atop a hill overlooks the complex.

Zlatibor is renowned for handmade crafts. Knitted sweaters and handmade clothing from the region are richly decorated. You can find a range of crafts in one of Zlatibor’s vibrant markets.


During the summer season you can enjoy relaxing walks, hikes and bicycle and horse rides along one of Zlatibor’s many trails.  You can also swim in one of the numerous resort swimming pools and bathing spots. Zlatibor abounds with various sports fields, facilities and gyms for athletes at all levels.

You can attend one of the many diverse cultural and entertainment events that are organized daily during the summer season. Outdoor stages feature concerts, plays, festivals and presentations. Hotels organize painting exhibitions, literary evenings and public discussions. Čajetina’s library, cinema and theater also offer a range of cultural events.

There is never a shortage of exciting events and excursions to experience in Zlatibor. You can choose from one of a dozen organized activities in the area. They include the Stopići cave with its unique rimmed stone walls, and the Gostilje waterfall, one of the tallest in Serbia. You can also visit the beautiful Uvac and Dubrava monasteries, symbols of Serbia’s spirituality and history, and the log cabin style churches in Jablanica and Dobroselica. To learn about Zlatibor’s artistic inclinations, stop by the art galleries in Borova glava, Trnava and Šljivovica. You can also see the birthplaces of two of the area’s famous citizens, Dimitirije Tucović and Sava Jovanović Sirogojno. If you want to experience the great outdoors, head to Tornik and Čigota for spectacular views.

If you visit Zlatibor during the winter, be prepared for some serious fun and outdoor recreation. Whether you choose to ski, sled, or snowmobile, you will be amazed by the area’s majestic snow-covered landscape. If you are looking for the perfect winter getaway, head to the Tornik ski center, which offers seven kilometers of ski runs for all levels.

Visitors to Zlatibor return time and time again for its extraordinary nature, rich cultural heritage and great accommodations. It is no surprise Zlatibor is one of Serbia’s most coveted destinations.

When in Cajetina and Zlatibor, we recommend:

– A visit to the Staro Selo Museum in Sirogojno

– A visit to a waterfall near Gostilje

– Sampling smoked ham and komplet lepinja (a meat and egg sandwich)


Zlatibor smoked ham is a delicacy of southwestern Serbia. Zlatibor has produced the ham for over a century. The process, which is completely natural, has remained unchanged over the past 100 years. Zlatibor’s climate, air and the salting process are key factors in the quality of the ham. The most popular variety comes from the village of Mačkat, where it was first produced.  Though other regions have attempted to make this unique ham, none have managed to match the superior quality of the Zlatibor variety. For the past few years, the village of Mačkat has successfully organized the Pršutijada (smoked ham festival) every January. Sample a piece of this delectable local delicacy and you will not be disappointed!


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