Bački Petrovac, Bačka Palanka, Bač

Symbols of Heritage and Tradition

Bački Petrovac is 150 km from Belgrade and 35 km off highway E75 on the Novi Sad-Sombor secondary road.


The area surrounding Bački Petrovac abounds with fertile land, beautiful orchards, vineyards and sparkling streams that originate at the Danube. Backi Petrovac has a robust cultural heritage. The main feature of the town is a well-preserved 18th century house, distinguished as a cultural treasure of Serbia. Bački Petrovac’s main sights include the old church in Kulpin village, the old gymnasium and the National Museum. The town is comprised of four distinct neighborhoods, rich in culture, history and tradition. You will want to spend at least a day getting to know this quaint town and understanding its history.


The EUROVELO Danube Bicycle Route stretches runs through the area surrounding Backi Petrovac. Cycling fans converge on the route at the first sign of nice weather.

First organized in August of 1919, the Slovak Folk Festival has become an annual tradition in the town. Backi Petrovac is also home to the Kulen Sausage Festival, which takes place every May.

Just 10 km from Bački Petrovac is Celarevo (Čelarevo), the site of the largest ancient cemetery in Vojvodina. Experts believe the cemetery dates back to the 8th and 9th centuries. Excavation of the site has uncovered remarkable ancient gold jewelry, weapons and tools.



Backa Palanka (Bačka Palanka) is just beyond Backi Petrovac on the Danube. The town’s museum features a paleontology exhibit, which displays skeletons of animals formerly native to Vojvodina. The museum’s prize exhibit is the skeleton remains of a mammoth dating back 25,000 years.


Local fishermen and hunting enthusiasts recommend a visit to the Tikvara and Karadjordjevo nature reserves and the Bukinski wetlands (Bukinski rit). The area features more than 60,000 ha of scenic hunting grounds that are especially well known for their pheasant.

Backa Palanka is famous for its Jazz and Blues Festival, which takes place every June. The town also celebrates Danube Day in June.



The district of Bac (Bač) was named after the ancient town of Mostonga, 140 km from Belgrade.

Bac rose to prominence in the middle ages when it served both as the Archbishop and district seat. Excavations have revealed that a large settlement dating back to the Roman period existed here but was destroyed by barbarians.

One of the town’s major attractions is the 1169 Franciscan abbey, which combines Roman and Gothic architecture. Bac is also home to Vojvodina’s first pharmacy, located in the Gebauer house, which still bears the original shop window and staircase. The Bodjani monastery is located just 13 km from Bac. A Dalmatian tradesman named Bogdan built the monastery near a spring, which miraculously cured his ailing eyes. You will certainly want to tour the Bac medieval fortress. Locals highly recommend a climb up to the fortress’s Donzon tower.


You will find a range of unique souvenirs in the villages of this area. If you prefer, you can try your hand at making a souvenir under the skillful guidance of local craftsmen. Take it home as your reward!

Dining in one of Bac’s traditional taverns (čarda) is a genuine treat. If you would like to stay in the area overnight, contact one of the local tourists organizations for reasonably priced accomodation.


The Kulen sausage is a specialty of the Backa (Bačka) District. Local master chefs recommend preparing it with choice pieces of pork, either fillet or ham. The meat is chopped, not minced, spiced with chili pepper, pepper, garlic and salt. It is then immersed in salt brine, smoked, dried, and stored in a dry place. Be aware however that this recipe is only a guide. Backa’s expert chefs prefer not to reveal the secret formula of this delectable specialty.

When in Backi Petrovac, Backa Palanka or Bac, we recommend:

– A bike ride along the Danube

– A visit to the well preserved Glozan (Gložan) settlement on the Danube

– Dinner in a traditional tavern

Backi Petrovac Municipality
5-7 Maršala Tita Street, 21470 Backi Petrovac
Tel:  +381 21 780 478,782 925

Tourist Organization of the Backa Palanka Municipality
8 Veselina Maslese Street, 21400 Backa Palanka
Tel: +381 21 753 734, 735

Tourist Organization of the Bač Municipality
4 Zorana Djindjića Square, 21420 Bač
Tel: +381 21 772 222