Bačka Topola, Mali Iđoš, Srbobran

Down the Grand Bač Canal

Bačka Topola is nestled in the Krivaja River valley off the Belgrade-Novi Sad-Subotica-Budapest highway. The city is 146 km north of Belgrade.

You will find a series of beautiful baroque style buildings here. Backa Topola’s 1905 pseudo-gothic Catholic Church features a 74m tower. Other prominent structures include the Native House, the Blacksmith-Cartwright workshop and the milling museum located in the old windmill.

Mali Idjos (Mali Iđoš) is a quaint village close to Backa Topola, approximately 138 km from Belgrade. Its scenic surroundings are perfect for hunting. If literature is more your style, you can join one of the town regularly scheduled literally meetings.

The small town of Srbobran is located on the Belgrade-Subotica road just north of Novi Sad. The Grand Bač Canal (Veliki Bački kanal) runs though the city, which is exactly 100km from Belgrade. Thanks in part to its strategic location and rich history, Srbobran is one of the most developed small towns in Vojvodina. The name Srbobran dates back to the 1848 revolution, when the Serbian defense line was located in this settlement. The name means defender of Serbs.

Srbobran’s soil is highly fertile. Some believe this is due to the abundance of water here. The Krivaja River, the Grand Bač Canal (Veliki Bački kanal), and a series of ponds surround the municipality. Srbobran abounds with underground thermal water sources, which is used not for therapeutic purposes but to irrigate the land.


If you are interested in exploring Backa Topola’s surroundings, stop by the villages of Turija and Nadalj. Turija is famous for its high quality sausage and its annual Sausage Festival (Kobasicijada); the town is named after the Turija brook on the Drina River where its inhabitants originate. Nadalj most likely received its name by the serfs who lived in this area long ago. The town has an old world feel that is sure to impress you with its charm!

Backa Topola and its surroundings are popular with hunting and fishing enthusiasts from all over the world. The area abounds with rabbit, pheasant and deer. If you are visiting Backa Topola and are interested in hunting, stop by the Krivaja Hunting Ground.

When in Backa Topola and surroundings, we recommend:

-Rabbit hunting in Mali Idjos

-Attending the Sausage Festival (Kobasicijada) in Turija village

-A visit to the Flour Milling Museum in Backa Palanka


Srborban attracts food lovers from all over the world during the annual Sausage Festival in Turija. The festival takes place every year during the last weekend in February. Though there are no hotels in Srbobran, residents offer accommodation at their homes on salas ranches (salaši).

Tourist Organization of Backa Topola
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Tel: +381 24 715 310 lok. 106

Srbobran Center for Physical Exercise, Recreation and Tourism
Square Mladosti bb, 21480 Srbobran
Tel: +381 21 731 279