52 Amazing Weekends in Serbia!

In case you have you haven’t heard, Serbia is one of the most exciting new destinations in Europe. Whether you already live in Serbia or you are planning a visit, we have assembled 52 Weekends in Serbia to help you plan your perfect weekend excursion!

Whether you are an urban thrill seeker in search of vibrant city life, an outdoors enthusiast looking for some splendid scenery or a history aficionado on a quest to discover an exciting new culture, 52 Weekends in Serbia is packed with plenty of ideas to inspire your getaway. We have included descriptions of city centers, monasteries, mineral spas, traditional cuisine, and festivals galore.

52 Weekends in Serbia is divided into four geographical regions: Belgrade and surroundings, Vojvodina, Western Serbia and Eastern Serbia. Each weekend includes a section on sights, activities, highlights and our top three must see and do recommendations.

We invite you to explore Serbia. An adventure awaits you at every corner.

The National Tourism Organization of Serbia.