22. June 2010

Days of the Danube and INFANT Festival in Novi Sad

June 25th two very important events are about to begin in Novi Sad: Days of the Danube and the INFANT Festival.

INFANT (Cultural Centre of Novi Sad and theatrical spaces in Novi Sad, 25th June – 03rd July)
ORGANIZER: Cultural Centre of Novi Sad

International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre – INFANT became the meeting point of artists who perceive the theater in a new and different way. This is the only festival of its kind in the country, authentic and highly respected in other European countries among artists and critics who follow the latest trends in the stage production.

DAYS OF THE DANUBE – LIVING WITH THE DANUBE (Sunčani kej, Novi Sad, 25th – 30th June)
ORGANIZER: Epicenter

This exhibition-like event aims to emphasize the significance that the Danube River has for different segments of social life and economic development of the city and the region.
The festival includes a series of program activities starting from exhibition, cultural and sports as well as the civic, entertainment, musical and educational. The main bearers of the content and participants are the citizens of Novi Sad, and their guests from other cities, in particular the ones on the Danube.
An important part of this event will be the economic program focused on the development of tourism and business potential of the Danube. The Danube as an important transport route, tourist destination, a place of various recreational contents, hospitality facilities and cultural contents, holds currently the greatest potential for economic development of Novi Sad and connection with Europe.

ORGANIZER: Cultural Center “Begeč”

The tambouritza orchestras from Vojvodina take part in the Festival. With the authentic tambouritza performance they contribute to preserving the traditional tambouritza sound in the region.

NOVI SAD – The Life in Easy Rhythm

Novi Sad, the capital of Vojvodina, is city of nearly half a million inhabitants and is the second largest city in Serbia. Novi Sad is 75km north of Belgrade, which is a one-hour drive on highway E 75. Known as Serbia’s Athens, the city is also accessible via boat along the Danube or by train.

Though Novi Sad is a vital economic and administrative center, life is specifically relaxed here. Unlike most metropolises in Europe, the pace here is slow and stress free. This relaxed atmosphere gives the city an intimate, elegant feel. Read more about Novi Sad and nearest tourist deastinations

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