The Miroslav Gospels – manuscript from 1180

The Miroslav Gospel, a liturgical book produced in around 1180 is an illuminated manuscript with stylistic and iconographic characteristics resulting from the blending of West (Italian) and East (Byzantine) influences and containing miniatures of exceptional beauty.

It is the earliest preserved Serbian illustrated manuscript, dating from the 12th century and written in Cyrillic, with the status of a national treasure and designated a cultural property of exceptional importance. The Miroslav Gospels are also one of the most beautiful manuscript books in the world, whose global importance has been affirmed by its inclusion in 2005 in the UNESCO Memory of the World register which currently comprises only 120 documents of exceptional and universal importance.

The original of the Miroslav Gospels is kept in the National Museum in Belgrade, with the Serbian National Library responsible for its conservation and protection. There is a facsimile edition with a print-run of 299 copies in the major world libraries, and a digital edition is available too.


National Museum, Belgrade

Digital copy of the Miroslav Gospels