Nikola Tesla’s Archive

Nikola Tesla’s Archive is a unique collection of manuscripts – scientific documents that are irreplaceable in the study of the most important period in the history of the development of the modern age.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), an American scientist of Serbian origin, made his greatest contribution to science and the technological advance of mankind as the discovering or inventing the rotating magnetic field, the induction motor, multi-phase alternating current, the generator and a complete system for the production and distribution of electrical energy. The international SI unit for the measurement of magnetic induction, the tesla, was named after him. Tesla constructed a high frequency and current electrical generator, today known as the Tesla transformer or the Tesla coil.

The Nikola Tesla Museum is a unique scientific and cultural institution, both in Serbia and worldwide. It is the only museum preserving the authentic and personal effects of Nikola Tesla, an exceptionally valuable collection.


Nikola Tesla Museum
Krunska 51, 11000 Beograd
tel. ++381(0)11 2433-886