The cultural route

The Balkans, with roots firmly planted in European culture, is a region of interrupted memories. Though civilizations have perished, their traces have been preserved by geography, culture and language. With each new ruler, fragments of history were either protected, as embodied by beautifully conserved fortresses, destroyed, as evidenced by remnants of pagan temples, churches and monasteries, or left to crumble, as reflected by long vanished imperial palaces.

Today, you can recapture the memories of Serbia’s European past through various points in time, discovering their hidden magic. Across serene mountain ranges and at the confluence of spectacular rivers and valleys, ancient civilizations sought out hidden, special places which empowered them to collectively create ideas, erect settlements and establish the foundations on which modern Serbia rests.

From the bustling city centers of Belgrade and Novi Sad, to the gently sloping valleys of the central Šumadija region, to the banks of the mighty Danube, Serbia offers some of the very best cultural travel experiences in Central and Eastern Europe. Discover cultural remnants of the Roman era, explore the hideaways of long-ago Emperors, and wander through exquisite Romanesque-Byzantine monasteries on one of the three culture trails promoted by the National Tourist Organization of Serbia.

The Trail of the Roman Emperor, Transromanica: The Romanesque Routes of European Heritage, and Castles on the Danube embody the ethos of more than three civilizations that developed in present day Serbia. These trails provide a unique purview into the spirit of modern Serbia and its inextricable connection to contemporary Europe.