Chapel of Saint Petka,Belgrade

The church is located in the Upper Town of Belgrade Fortress, very close to the Rose Church. It was built on top of a spring that is believed to be miraculous, on the site of an old chapel built after 1867. The current chapel was built in 1937 to the design of architect Momir Korunović.

It was completed on St Petka’s Day (also known as Paraskeva) and the spring waters are believed to be beneficial to women. Its interior walls and arches are covered with mosaics, created between 1980 and 1983 by artist Đuro Radulović.

When the foundations were being dug, numerous bones were found belonging to Serbian soldiers who had perished in the defence of Belgrade 1914-1915, which were transferred to a specially-built ossuary in the walls beneath Jakšić’s Tower.