Religious buildings

Serbia has had a turbulent and dynamic history, and as a result the religious structure of the population is very diverse. The majority of religious believers in Serbia are Orthodox Christians (84.98%), followed by Roman Catholics (5.48%), Muslims (3.2%) and Protestants (1.08%). Other religions are present to a somewhat lesser extent.

Churches and religious communities with centuries-long continuity in Serbia are: the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic Church, the Slovak Evangelical Church (Lutheran), the Evangelical-Christian Church (also Lutheran, German-Hungarian), the Islamic religious community and the Jewish religious community. All churches and religious communities in Serbia have full internal autonomy and independence from the state.

In Serbia, the state is separate from the church. In cooperation with religious organisations, the state assists in the promotion of religious education, improving living standards of priests, protection of religious identity, promotion of religious freedoms and tolerance and the construction, renovation and maintenance of churches and other religious buildings.