Manor houses

Vojvodina’s manor-houses (dvorci) were built during the 18th, 19th and beginning of the 20th century and in style belong to the transitional period between the Baroque and Classicism. Built on the large estates of landowners or in the larger urban centres, they were a reflection of noble status, wealth and the importance of their owners and residents.

Many manor-houses are imposing residential buildings, almost always surrounded by an extensive, well-kept park. They were luxury places of residence, where their former owners could relax and entertain, as members of military, trading and craftsmen’s families in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy of the time. Attached to almost every one of these beautiful buildings is at least one legend that speaks of the mysterious lives of the noble families.

Vojvodina boasts some seventy manor-houses, of which some have been designated protected cultural properties. Some of them have also been converted into hotels.


Manor-houses and summer residences of Vojvodina