23. June 2010

Active for the Danube


The Danube should, thanks to the decision of the European Commission to develop a Strategy for the Danube Region, become one of the most important pan-European promotional products. For this reason, the National Tourism Organisation of Serbia will devote additional attention to the Danube in its promotional activities, although the Danube is already being treated as the principal tourism product. NTO Serbia has dedicated this and the next year to presenting a cleaner and greener Serbia where it is possible to ride a bike, sail or watch birds, thus promoting healthy environment. The Danube, of course, occupies a special place in this promotion, with its entire natural, cultural and historical wealth.

In order to raise awareness about the need for protection of natural resources, NTO Serbia has conducted a campaign called “Active for the Danube” which shows the Danube as it is today – unfortunately dirty, but we have also shown how we would like to see it in the future, engaging at the same time in the action “Big cleaning of Serbia”. Through this campaign we wanted to send a good message not only about the need for awareness, but also about concrete actions concerning the conservation of our natural beauties, especially emphasizing the importance of water, i.e. the Danube River, its tributaries and other rivers, as an important resource in many segments.

In the cities along the Danube banners have been set up that accompany this activity, showing images of clean and dirty Danube, seen through the eyes of various photographers, and decorative paper fans have been made with the Danube motives and messages towards the preservation of this natural treasure.

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