Hospitality is one of the most common reasons given to visit Serbia and speaks volumes of the attitude Serbia’s citizens have towards their international guests. Foreign visitors to Serbia have often found themselves treated as one of the family.

Instances of street crime are very rare and there are no areas of Serbia’s larger cities which are less safe than others. In contrast to many countries, it is commonplace in Serbian cities for women to return home unaccompanied using public transport late at night.

Serbia, and especially Belgrade, has for the last several decades been host to many international events, with large numbers of foreign participants and very demanding security and organisational requirements, which have passed off in the best possible atmosphere.

Besides general safety, transport safety has dramatically improved through the passing of a new law in line with European standards, as well as through a series of other laws which have been necessary in order to support Serbia’s candidacy for European Union membership.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has awarded Serbian national airline Jat Airways an IOSA (International Operational Safety Audit) certificate, recognising the airline’s high standards of safety, security and quality of air traffic and technical maintenance.

Bear in mind that the territory of Kosovo and Metohija is currently under the administration of UNMIK (the UN Interim Mission in Kosovo) and travel is not recommended without organised KFOR protection.