Opening times and holidays



  • Weekdays, 9 am-5 pm(some until 19:00)
  • Saturdays, 9 am-1 pm
  • Sundays, only designated branches

Post offices:

  • Weekdays 8 am-7 pm
  • Saturdays 8 am-2 pm
  • Sundays, only designated branches

Food stores:

  • Weekdays 6 am-8 pm (some until 10 pm)
  • Saturdays 6 am-6 pm (some until 10 pm)
  • Sundays 6 am-2 pm
  • There are also 24-hour food stores


  • Open daily 6 am-5 pm

Shopping centres:

  • Daily 10 am-10 pm

Petrol stations:

  • Daily 6 am-8 pm
  • There are also 24-hour petrol stations

Health care institutions:

  • Weekdays 7 am-7 pm
  • Saturdays 7 am-1 pm (some until 7 pm)
  • There are 24-hour departments in hospitals and clinics


  • Weekdays 8 am-8 pm
  • Saturdays 8 am-3 pm
  • Sundays, only designated pharmacies
  • There are also 24-hour pharmacies


  • Most are closed on Mondays
  • Varied opening times throughout the week


  • 1st and 2nd January – New Year
  • 7th January – first day of Orthodox Christmas
  • 15th February – Sretenje (Visitation of the Virgin), Serbian National Statehood Day
  • 1st and 2nd May – May Day
  • Orthodox Easter – from Good Friday to the second day of Easter

On non-working holidays only after-hours shops and institutions are open. If the second day of a two-day holiday falls on a Sunday, then Monday is also a non-working day.

All Serbian citizens are entitled to non-working holidays for their own religious festivals, depending on their faith.

  • For Christians: Christmas Day and Easter holidays
  • For Muslims: the first day of Ramadan Eid and Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice)
  • For Jews: the first day of Yom Kippur

The Serbian Orthodox Church calculates its religious festivals according to the old, Julian calendar, which runs behind the Gregorian calendar by 14 days.


  • 27thJanuary – Saint Sava’s Day, Day of Spirituality
  • 9th May – Victory Day
  • 28th June – St Vitus’ Day (Vidovdan)