7. February 2014

2,192.435 tourists have visited Serbia in 2013


Photo: Đorđe Bošković

According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia the total of 2,192.435 tourists have visited Serbia in 2013 (which is a 5% percent increase compared to 2012), enjoying  6,567.460 overnight stays (1% more than last year).

The number of foreign tourists amounted to 921.768 (14% increase), with 1,988.393 overnight stays (11% increase compared to 2012) with majority of visitors coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina (155.868), Montenegro (137.520), Slovenia (121.997), Russia (120.899) and Germany (107.840).

As far as foreign travelers are concerned, Belgrade remained the most visited destination in Serbia (1,003.122 overnight stays), followed by Novi Sad (162.978), Zlatibor (67.415) and Vrnjacka Banja (63.230). Unlike them, domestic tourists enjoyed Vrnjacka Banja the most (531.574 overnight stays), Zlatibor (388.344), Sokobanja (301.179) and Kopaonik (293.746). Belgrade came fifth with 274.570 overnight stays.

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